On weekend July 29-31, GBT Jahorina Ultra-Trail 2016 took place on Jelen Mini (10 K), Olympic Midi (33 K), Maxi (85 K) and Ultra Trail (125 K) courses between Sarajevo, Han-pijesak, Višegrad and Jahorina. Three courses are verified by ITRA based on which all finishers collected qualification points for UTWT competitions. Out of 276 competitors from 18 countries, best time and awards provided by our sponsors GBT sportswear company, GMS Vitez, Planet Bike BiH, Hotel Lavina Jahorina, Hotel Pino Trebević and Proteini.si belong to the following finishers:

ULTRA, 125 km
1. Sandra Juhaz, Mogu dugo, CRO, 26:04:27
2. Ivana Stanković, Projektura, SRB, 29:33:24

1. Zoran Prekogačić, Jahorina Ultra-Trail Team, SRB, 20:30:26;
2. Predrag Nikolic, SRK Alba, CRO, 22:34:56
3. Domagoj Kreber, KCIPT Samobor, CRO, 26:04:22

MAXI, 88 km
1. Nevena Stojaković, Pak Summit, BiH, 17:53:51
2. Ivana Momčilović, UTS, SRB, 19:11:19
3. Teodora Čutura, BiH, 20:18:57

1. Igor Yovanovitch, Jahorina Ultra-Trail Team, ESP, 11:33:51
2. Tomislav Marinović, Škola trčanja Slavonski Brod, CRO, 13:37:02
3. Adnan Hadžić, ARK Rekreativci Tuzla, BiH, 14:28:17

MIDI, 33 km
1. Schreyer Cilly, Merrell, SC Ainring, GER, 4:31:27
2. Nevena Rajković, Skyrunning Serbia, SRB, 5:10:23
3. Aleksandra Burkanović, ARK Fruška Gora, SRB, 5:12:51

1. Mladen Plakalović, Jahorina Ultra-Trail Team, BiH, 3:40:35
2. Stephan Tassani, Prell, SC Ainring / Salomon Germany, 3:42:34
3. Ante Živković, AK Dubrovnik, CRO, 4:01:33

Jelen MINI, 10 km
1. Aleksandra Burkanović, ARK Fruška Gora, SRB, 1:01:31
2. Katarina Bogdanović, SK Istočno Sarajevo, BiH, 1:02:44
3. Marija Đorđević, SK Tribe, SRB, 1:05:22

1. Alija Imamović, AK Novi Grad – Jahorina Ultra-Trail Team, BiH, 47:24
2. Ante Živković, AK Dubrovnik, CRO, 49:35
3. Martin Gaber, GER, 52:19

Apart from the awards, fastest runners received a trophy in shape of a silver fir while the real tree will be planted with their name in the Alley of winners and friends of GBT JUT 2016.

All galleries with the race pictures can be viewed here. Canon BiH is the official JUT 2016 partner.


Jelen Mini, Midi, Maxi and Ultra Trail finishers can download below their certificate which confirms their participation, time and overall score at the race.

Jelen Mini

Our Partners

The JUT organizer, Mountaineering Association Javorina, would like to thank the Olympic Centre Jahorina for hosting the competition, Ministry for Family, Sports and Youth of Republic of Srpska, Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Grafo Balkan Sportswear, Molson Coors Company, Foresting Companies Sjemeć and Visočnik, Cement Kakanj, United Nations Volunteers Programme in BiH, Tropic, Vitinka, Red Bull BiH, Toyota BiH, Canon BiH, Tourist Organization of Republic of Srpska, Stari Grad Municipality, Istočno Novo Sarajevo Municipality, Republic of Srpska Belgrade Office, Ski Centre Ravna planina, Centre for Culture Pale, Tourist Organization of East Sarajevo, Nedomex Company, SWG-GIZ Programme and Via Dinarica Project for supporting the second edition of JUT. Big thank you goes to the media sponsors Radio Antena Sarajevo, Radio-television of Republic of Srpska, Metromedia, and news portals Klix and Pale.live.

To thank our partners Alpine Society Javorina will plant a tree with their name in the Alley of winners and friends of GBT JUT 2016.


JUT 2016 Volunteers

JUT 2016 and UN Volunteers would like to thank Mountaineering association Stolac from Višegrad, Youth Council Rogatica, Mountaineering Association Visočnik from Han-Pijesak, Red Cross Pale and East Ilidža, Military Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina and all the volunteers who contributed and made the organization of such a complex sports event on trails between Sarajevo, Han-Pijesak, Višegrad and Jahorina possible. Dear volunteers, you can download your volunteer`s certificat here.

JUT Team

We can do better

Jahorina Ultra-Trail presents the final stage of everything we do throughout annual preparations within which we mark and clean the trails, promote trail running and outdoor recreation, advocate sustainable development and environmental protection. We thank all the runners who took part at the Jelen Mini, Midi, Maxi and Ultra Trail and we hope that, apart from the courses, they also enjoyed in other activities we as organizer had prepared for them. We are kindly asking all participants to answer the anonymous questionnaire we will have sent in next couple of days in order to help us in organizing the next edition much better.

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