Call for volunteers and volunteers

For each well-organized race, there is a small army of volunteers who help runners to reach the finish line. Mountaineering Association „Javorina“ invites you to apply as a volunteer so that we could together successfully organize the third edition of the Jahorina Ultra-Trail® race on July 28-29, 2018.

The better the race, the better promotion of our mountains!

Mountaineering Association „Javorina“ announces a call for volunteer applicants who are willing to engage:
1. During race preparation (marking, distribution of start packages, logistic and food distribution); total preparation lasts 5-10 days during July;
2. During the race (work at refreshment stations, control points, registrations, time control, at the finish line and as a sweeper).
Note: Each volunteer can apply for both or individual categories.

Your contribution to the organization of the race through the Olympic venues at Trebević and Jahorina, the old Austro-Hungarian railway along the canyon of Miljacka, the railway near Novak`s cave at Romanija mountain and other natural and cultural sights, where we will jointly host over 400 runners from 25 countries is of utmost importance. And as addition to all that we guarantee fun, socialization and an unforgettable experience!

All of you are welcome regardless of age and previous experience in similar assignments because such engagement does not require special skills and the JUT team will support you.

Within Jahorina Utra-Trail we organize 4 races of different lengths: Mini – 14km, Midi – 35km, Maxi – 70km i Ultra – 102 km and the main job of volunteers will be the service on a total of 15 control and refreshment stations. You can volunteer in facilities at following locations: Sarajevo, Trebević mt, Pale, Jahorina mt and Romanija mt.

This year we need 100 motivated, valuable, responsible and cheerful volunteers. 10 positions are reserved for volunteers from abroad for whom food and accommodation are provided.

What do you get as a volunteer?
• New experience and stepping out of your standard framework
• Creating new friendships and opportunities
• Having fun
• Good feeling for being part of a positive event
• Acquiring new skills and raising confidence
• Volunteer package (T-shirt, food, refreshment coupons, cable car ride, volunteer certificate)

Be a part of Jahorina Ultra-Trail® 2018 Team!

You can sign up at the following link. Application deadline: July 15, 2018.
For additional information please contact Maja Petek, Volunteer Coordinator, +387 (0)61 225 207, volontiraj@jahorinatrail.com.