Jahorina Ultra Trail

JahorinaTrail MiNi

Jahorina, a mountain venue of the 1984 Olympics, is less that 30 km from Sarajevo. Its highest peak is at 1.916m. At the mention of Jahorina, most probably you think of snow and skiing but from this year we want that also to be trail running across Bijele Stijene, Sarači Field, Gola Jahorina. Poljice is the start and finish line of a circular 10 km course.
Mini Trail is a race which does not require top physical fitness, special equipment nor highest level of personal autonomy. It is designed for those who love short and fast courses but also for families which enjoy in active holidays. There is also a special category for families that will take part in this race. The first three families will be awarded prizes.

• Start/finish: Jahorina, Poljice, Avgust 1, 11:00 am
• length: 10 km
• D+ cca: 600 m uspona
• Refreshment points: 1
• Time limit: 3 hours
• number of competitors max: 200

Entry fee until May 31, 2015, 25KM (EUR 13)
Entry fee June 1 – July 15, 2015, 35KM (EUR 18)