Jahorina Ultra Trail 2020
March 11, 2019


Jahorina Ultra Trail 2020

Last weekend of July is traditionally booked for Jahorina Ultra Trail. It is the first and biggest Bosnian trail running competition whose fifth, jubilee edition will be held on July 25-26, 2019. Four races of different length, Mini, Midi, Maxi, and Ultra Trail, will take place on trails connecting Jahorina with Ravna mountain, Romania and Trebević.  All four races are awarded ITRA points.

What Jahorina Ultra Trail offers

This year, start/finish line is relocated at the most beautiful part of Jahorina – Heaven’s Valley (Rajska dolina). Mini Trail is a 14 km long track, ideal for fast runners and beginners in trail running. Midi Trail from this year is 23 km long and is a real treat for nature lovers who want a challenge after which they will be ready to go out, hang out on the mountain and enjoy other activities. Midi Trail finishers collect 1 ITRA point. Finally,  49km-long Maxi Trail (2 ITRA points) is for fast ultra runners or those who will, for the first time, try the ultra format because there is not much elevation and is not overwhelming. Ultra Trail (4 ITRA points) is for experienced trail runners. With a length of 88km, it offers a sequence of very diverse sections, a real antithesis of monotony which intensifies the race experience even more.

Why runners like JUT

A valuable package awaits all JUT participants. In addition to quality technical t-shirts, runners receive a valuable gift from the organizer, vouchers for drinks and a finisher’s meal at the finish line, as well as the ski lift ride to the very summit of Jahorina. All finishers receive a medal at the finish line. Jahorina is to be visited with friends or family during an extended weekend at least because, apart from visiting the Olympic mountain of Jahorina, everybody should seize the opportunity to spend at least one day in Sarajevo or visit nearby picnic areas.